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Hildolf Von Eisenwald's Live Journal

Professionally, I'm an AWS (American Welding Society) Certified Welder, holding certifications in the GMAW ("MIG") and structural SMAW (Stick arc) welding processes.

My personal passions include an active practice of Pan-Germanic heathenry, drawing information & practices from lore that finds its source throughout northern European countries with a heavy Germanic cultural footprint, including, but not limited to England, Germany, Scandinavia, Iceland). My patron is Odin, a god rarely understood by many even during the widespread practice of heathenry throughout northern Europe; I bear the Valknut, the sign of his cult, on my swordarm.

I am a student & practitioner of Germanic magic: since age 19, I have had a heavy focus on the 24 stave Elder Futhark Runic system, slowly branching out into other areas of occult practices found within the Germanic cultural spectrum. During the course of my studies & practices, I have been a member of the Rune-Gild from 1997 to 2003, resigning as an Elder Fellow, and the Wolfbund from 2003 to 2005, seceeding from that organization at the level of Jarl/ Knight III°. I continue my Occult pursuits within the cultural matrix of my Germanic ancestry, with my personal inclination towards delving into some of the less "popular" sides of the old cults, regardless of what light this may cast me in with the "Folk" at large; as is true with my patron, I stand with one foot in the innangardh, and one in the utangardh.

My primary love where movies are concerned has to be the horror genre. I'm not talking about the ones where, to paraphrase Peter Vincent, maniacs run around hacking up young virgins; I'm talking about the kind that have a supernatural angle to them somehow, or macabre in the vein of Edgar Allan Poe. The kind that, for just a little while, take you somewhere that most people rarely go outside the boundaries of a darkened theater...the kind that give you a distinct and unsettling sense of "something else" that lies beyond the everyday experience, regardless of the form that something may ultimately take: it could be the chill that you feel when you're suddenly aware that you aren't alone in an empty house at night, that something not "there" in the ordinary sense is observing you from among the stones in a cemetary, or perhaps something that you've only heard stories about and wrote off as superstition, and to your horror, has suddenly and unsettlingly become very real.